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India to develop App that will help people to navigate in the sprawling UN office in Geneva

The United Nations office in Geneva will soon have an app designed by India to help visitors and delegates find their way in the premises (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@MM_Yearbook)

India’s technical capability received a further boost as the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the signing of an agreement between the Government of India and the United Nations. This agreement envisages development of a Way Finding Application by Centre for Development of Telematics, an autonomous telecom research and development centre of Department of Telecommunications and will showcase the soft power of ‘Made in India’ at a global level.

The UN, founded in 1945, currently has 193 Member States with India being one of the founding members. The international organisation’s office at Geneva’s historic Palais des Nations, has five buildings and 21 floors and in view of the complexity of buildings and a large number of people including visitors and delegates coming to the premises, there is a need for a navigation application to help people find their way.

Thus, a precise in-building navigation App is required to help visitors locate the room and offices.

The development of this app has been conceptualized as a donation from India on the occasion of its 75th anniversary in 2020 and the cost of developing and maintaining it is 2 million dollars. The app will work on Android and iOS devices with Internet connection, and will help users find their way from point to point within the 21 floors.

The project will highlight the technical capabilities of India and also enhance the prestige of the country at the UN level platform.