Facebook and Ray-Ban unveil smart glasses that can take pictures and calls on the move


Facebook's Ray-Ban smart glasses launched

Facebook Inc. has unveiled head turning  smart glasses  which can take pictures and videos, relay music and take phone calls on the move.

The hi-tech eyewear—a collaboration  of Facebook and Ray-Ban, the hi-tech maker of shades,  does not appear different from “dumber” sunglasses. But they do conceal an array of smart features: dual 5-megapixel camera sensors; embedded Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi to synchronize with a phone; a battery; enough storage for 500 pictures; and speakers, Bloomberg reports.

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A user can “click”  a photo by long  pressing  a button on the right side of the glasses. Videos can be recorded by a single short press.

On the right side of the glasses, there is a touch area  for tapping music, a voice assistant and for taking calls. Volume can be adjusted using a left or right swipe feature. Simple taps can play, pause or skip music, and to answer and end phone calls.

The smart glasses are not a  stand-alone product, the report adds. Music and calls are streamed to the glasses from an Android or  iPhone devise  via Bluetooth.