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Endangered Indian wolves return to Andhra’s Nallamala forests after 10 years

Representational image. Forest officials and wildlife enthusiasts of Andhra Pradesh rejoiced as Indian wolves were sighted in Nallamala range of forests after 10 years (Pic. Courtesy animalspot.in)

There was joy among the forest officials and wildlife enthusiasts of Andhra Pradesh as Indian wolves were sighted in the State’s Nallamala range of forests after 10 years.

A pack of these endangered species were sighted near the Dornala-Atmakur Srisailam forest area while a month ago, camera traps had captured a group of these animals in and around Rollapadu forest area.

Talking about the sighting of these creatures, Vignesh Appavu, Deputy Director of Markapur Forest Department said that around 20 to 30 years ago Indian wolves were in good numbers in and around Nallamala forest. Over a period of time their numbers started falling and in the last few years it had dropped drastically. This was due several reasons including extensive use of pesticides, electric fencing of farms, and decrease in the prey and food base of the wolves.

With certain measures, the forest department was able to bring back the balance in the ecology and that has enabled the return of the wolves.

This species of wolves are found commonly in Andhra Pradesh’s rural grasslands and in particular in parts of Prakasam district which is next to the Nallamala forest area.

Though the wolves feed on livestock their main prey include bucks, goats, sheep, antelopes and rabbits. Their packs are generally small and have six to eight animals.

Vignesh told the media that they are requesting people to help in protecting these wolves by not indulging in any activity harmful to them or their biodiversity and habitat. He added that those who will violate the laws will be dealt with stringently.

Interestingly, these species of wolves are placed in the Schedule-1 category and are as endangered as the tigers.