Caught On Camera: The mesmerising changing colours of Anna's Hummingbird


Anna's Hummingbird stuns viewers by changing its colours as it turns its head

Nature’s creations not only have distinct features but also spectacular colours. An example of this is the Anna’s hummingbirds which are known for their striking hues. What makes them magnificent to observe is the change in their colours when seen from varied angles as shown in a video posted on Twitter by Wonder of Science.


The thumb-sized bird displays shades of fluorescent reddish-pink and black as it changes the angle.

Hummingbirds according to Science Daily have the brightest colours in the world. The shade change occurs as their feathers reflect light in a way that the birds can match. The pancake-shaped structures in their feathers result in reflection of rainbow colours when they turn their head.

Viewers were captivated with the footage. One remarked: “Ok, this beautiful thing made my day,” while another said the bird looked like an “upgraded version of chameleon.”