Will India resume supply of vaccines to other countries soon?


What will be India's vaccine export strategy from now on as it hopes to vaccinate 1 crore people a day from August?

Even as India, which faced a brutal second wave of Covid 19, will prioritise vaccination exercise for its citizens, sources said that in case of adequate supply-- as expected--  New Delhi could resume supplying to other countries as well.

“However, there has been no decision on this whatsoever but one can safely say that if India is able to meet the targets of vaccination one crore a day by August, it will be in a position to also look at supplying the jabs to other countries,” a person familiar with the development told India Narrative.

India had embarked on “vaccine maitri” by supplying Covid 19 vaccines to many countries at a time, when most nations were following the ethos of “vaccine nationalism.”

While the opposition parties have criticised the Narendra Modi government for supplying vaccines to other countries, the exercise has also been much appreciated by the global community.

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“The fact that India had to abruptly halt the supply of vaccines was driven by the sudden surge in Covid cases which also led to a shortage of the vaccines. Most countries that received the jabs from India, though faced challenges, did not blame New Delhi,” the person said.

Earlier, Bhutan's Prime Minister Lotay Tshering, in a televised address said, "India has assured support (in the past). India is a reliable friend and will give the second dose if asked but given India's greater need to save lives, Bhutan should not pressure it".

Source said that in the near future, the role of India, the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, will be enhanced in providing the Covid 19 jabs.

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