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Toys: a crucial investment you need to make for your child’s development

Toys: a crucial investment you need to make for your child’s development

Toys are an intrinsic part of a child's formative years. From ancient times toys have been a tool for learning and developing social and cognitive skills. The importance of toys is undeniable in a child's growing years.

When Kiran Rana, a mother of two toddler, shifted to Delhi she experienced a dearth in the quality of toys to cater to her babies' needs.

What struck her was mostly the toxic components present in most of the items that were available in the city, which included toys while scourging through well-known toy shops in upscale markets like Khan Market and Aurobindo Marg.

Rana's elder daughter was born at 32 weeks and her younger daughter, Sophia, was born at 25 weeks. With Sophia Rana faced multiple issues, necessitating a move to Singapore for medical care. Once Sophia was better and a year and a half old, they decided to move back to Delhi.

The doctors were adamant that in order for Sophia to thrive the toys she played with had to be high quality, non toxic and good for her development. Finding Delhi lacked the same, Rana imported most of her daughter's toys from Europe and Singapore.

Over the past two years, she found many of her friends' with children would ask her where she bought her daughter's toys from and often ask her to pick up toys for their children. Thus, the seeds of the idea of 'The Toy Curator' was planted.

“Tired of cheap Chinese knock offs and buying toys abroad which had to then be carried back to India, I decided to launch the Toy Curator. Children deserve toys which are far better than the unsafe toys made with harmful colours and plastics available in the market today. Each toy and product has been through international quality control checks, to make sure your little ones are safe,” states Kiran, Founder at The Toy Curator.

“There is lack of quality standards in the toy market here. Educated and well informed mothers will always scan for toxic elements in their children's accessories and choose products that stimulate the minds of their little ones. The quality is the premium here, and they are ready to spend on the right products. There is a void in the market, especially in North India. Also, owing to slacking regulatory norms standards here, bigger brands dilute the quality. We have no marketing, it is all through social media, that is, via Instagram, Facebook we are reaching out to consumers who want the best for their kids,” she adds.

The Toy Curator boosts of an impressive portfolio of brands from around the world with the likes of Plum, Battat, Alt Retail, Djeco, among many. Not only imported toys but company also sources its products from domestic brands as well.

“The Toy Curator prides itself on promoting/selling domestic brands as well. As long as they are high quality and non toxic, we are happy to keep them in stock. We want what is best for our children and what promotes the best development for our children,” says Rana.

The newly launched brand is not only for the kids, but also for busy mums nurturing their little ones. It also has wellness products for mummies in the need of their Zen moments!.