Neil Patrick Harris might get his kids a tarantula for Christmas

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

los Angeles, Dec 24 (IANS) Actor Neil Patrick Harris thinks he can top his Christmas gift-giving game after he gave his kids a Golden Retriever puppy.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to guest host, he said: "Now the kids want a hedgehog, an actual hedgehog because they see the videos on TikTok of hedgehog's being so cute

"Santa's not about to get them a hedgehog! Maybe a tarantula, that'd be cool. They look scary but once I think if you owned one you would realise that they're cute just misunderstood."

The '8-bit Christmas' star also spoke about his upcoming role in the third instalment of 'The Matrix' franchise, reports

Patrick will be playing The Analyst in the sci-fi blockbuster, and he was surprised that his character's cat was real and not a CGI animal.

He added: "There was a cat wrangler, who knew, and there were four different cats, each cat came and did it's own thing. One would be the one that runs and jumps and one would be the one that sits and there were two cats who's job was just to stand there."

Neil quipped that if he was ever reincarnated, he would love to be one.

The actor said: "If I was ever resurrected that would be a great gig - to be a movie cat, that your job is just to stay there and eat treats."

He said working on 'The Matrix Resurrections' - which has been directed by lana Wachowski - was "a pleasure".

Neil said: "The movie is so fun I'm super proud of it and lana Wachowski is an amazing director and human being. It's a pleasure to be a part of."