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Famous Brengi fresh water stream in Kashmir suddenly disappears in sinkhole, locals worried

Famous Brengi fresh water stream in Kashmir suddenly disappears in sinkhole, locals worried.

The famous Brengi fresh water stream has disappeared into a sinkhole in the Wandevalgam area of Anantnag in south Kashmir triggering fear among  environmentalists over its impact on the ecosystem of the river.

The stream stretching over nearly 20 km has dried up after being swallowed by a massive sinkhole, leaving several fish and other aquatic species dead downstream.

The outlet of the water is still not known and locals are worried that homes in nearby villages may sink.

However, experts believe that it is a natural phenomenon developed due to the gradual dissolution of limestone rocks in the water body.

The district administration has formed an expert committee to study the occurrence.

According to assistant executive engineer of Flood and Irrigation department, Mohammad Syed Mir, "It is a natural phenomenon, it will occur in this area. We have taken some measures, like right now we have diverted the water. A committee has been set up by the administration, we are waiting for that report."

“We will take a decision on a technical basis and we will take further steps in treating this sinkhole once the expert committee submits its report,” he said.

The administration has enforced restrictions under section 144 CrPc and asked people not to venture near the sinkhole as nobody knows the outlet of the sinkhole.

Authorities on Wednesday issued an advisory for media persons against moving close to the sinkhole, underscoring that they pose a threat to themselves and that it may attract the general public.