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Caught on Camera: Terrorist shoots bank manager dead at Kulgam in Kashmir

The bank manager who was shot dead in Kulgam in Jammu and Kashmir

A horrifying video clip shows a man dressed in black and wearing a face mask peering inside the bank at Kulgam in Kashmir from the main entrance door on a couple of occasions and then appearing to leave as though he cannot make up his mind.

He then finally barges into the bank with a gun and a bag in hand. He still appears undecided and seems he is almost leaving but suddenly turns around and opens fire at the back manager who is sitting behind a desktop computer, but he cannot be seen in the footage. However, the manager’s voice can be heard talking to a bank staffer moments before the shooting took place.

The video has been shared by news agency ANI. Has been shot on a mobile phone recording CCTV footage played on a computer screen.

The bank manager, Vijay Kumar, was shot dead in the second targeted attack on Hindus in the Valley during the last three days.

Terrorists attacked Vijay Kumar, manager of Elaqahi Dehati Bank, inside its Areh branch today. He died on the way to the hospital.

Kumar, a resident of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan, had recently joined the bank branch in Kulgam.

Police said the area has been cordoned off and a manhunt has been launched for the terrorists who carried out the attack.

The attack comes just two days after a Hindu teacher from Jammu, Rajni Bala, was killed by terrorists outside a school in Kulgam.