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World amazed at pace of development India has achieved in past 10 years: PM Modi tells Indian diaspora in Moscow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Image Credit: YouTube/@NarendraModi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that he has vowed to work three times more and at thrice the speed to achieve the targets for India adding that today’s India achieves whatever goal it sets its mind to.

“Today, India shines as a country that is giving the world the most reliable model of digital transactions, said the Prime Minister who is on a two-day visit to Russia while addressing the Indian community in Russia at an event in Moscow.

PM Modi stated that the world is surprised to see the pace of development that India has achieved in the past 10 years. He noted that it has been one month since he took oath as the PM of India for the third term.

“It is my pleasure that my first address to the diaspora is taking place in Russia. This is my first conversation with the Indian diaspora after forming the government for the third time. Today July 9 marks a full month since I took oath as the PM of India for the third time and I took a vow that I will work with three times more strength, at triple the speed and it is also a coincidence that the number 3 is also present in many of the government’s goals” he said.

“The government’s goal is to make India the third largest economy in the world in the third term. The government’s aim is to build 3 crore houses for the poor in the third term. The government’s aim is to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis in the third term. We want to empower the women self-help groups running in villages in India, we want in my third phase, 3 crore women from among the poor women of villages become ‘Lakhpati Didi’, that is, their annual income should be more than Rs 1 lakh and it remains so forever. It is a big target but when people like you bless us, even the biggest goals can be achieved,” the PM said.

PM Modi stated that people feel India is changing when they come from abroad to the country. He said that people from abroad can clearly witness transformation in India.

Highlighting India’s achievements over the past decade, PM Modi said, “Today’s India makes sure it achieves the target it sets. Today, India is the country that takes Chandrayaan to the part of the moon where no other country in the world could reach. Today, India is the country that is giving the most reliable model of digital transactions to the world.”

“Today, India is a country that is empowering people through the policies in the social sector. Today, India is a country that has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. When you people gave me the opportunity to serve the country for the first time in 2014, there were hundreds of startups, today there are lakhs of startups. Today, India is a country that is filing patents and publishing research papers in record numbers,” the PM said.

He noted that the world is surprised when they see that the number of airports have doubled in the past 10 years and India holds successful events like the G20 Summit.

Speaking about the development that has happened in India in past 10 years, PM Modi said, “The world is surprised to see the pace of development that the country has achieved in the last 10 years. When people from the world come to India, they say ‘Bharat badal raha hai’ (India is changing). When you all come, you are also feeling so. What are they seeing? They are clearly able to see the transformation of India, the redevelopment of India.”

“When India organises successful events like G20, the world speaks in one voice, ‘Bharat badal raha hai’. When India doubles the number of its airports in just 10 years, the world says, ‘Bharat badal raha hai’. When India electrifies more than 40,000 kilometres of railway lines in just 10 years, the world also realises the power of India, they say the country is changing,” he added.

PM Modi expressed gratitude to people for coming to attend the event. He stated that he had brought the fragrance of the soil of India to Russia.

He said, “I want to thank all of you for coming here. I have not come here alone, I have come with a lot of things. I have brought with me the fragrance of the soil of India. I have brought with me the love of 140 crore countrymen and their good wishes for you people.”

The enthusiastic audience chanted “Modi Modi” and “Modi hai to Mumkin hai” while the Prime Minister was delivering his remarks.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra, India’s Ambassador to Russia, Vinay Kumar also accompanied PM Modi to the event.

Earlier on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, held an informal meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence of the Russian president near Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Ministry shared a video on X showing a warm greeting between PM Modi and Vladimir Putin. The clip, posted on Monday, shows the two leaders embracing each other as PM Modi arrives at the president’s residence, marking the start of their informal meeting.

PM Modi arrived in Moscow for an official visit on Monday where he was received by Denis Manturov, the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the Vnukovo-II airport and was accorded a ceremonial welcome. Indian community gave PM Modi a warm welcome at the hotel.