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WATCH: Alert lady RPF officer saves woman, son from being crushed by train at Bankura in Bengal

Screengrab from the video

The alertness of a Railway Protection Force (RPF) lady officer saved the life of an elderly woman and her son who fell while trying to board a moving train at Bankura railway station in West Bengal. 

CCTV footage of the incident posted by the Railways Ministry on Twitter on Monday and has gone viral.

As the train is departing from the railway station, the lady RPF officer spots the elderly woman and her son trying to board the moving train. Anticipating danger, she immediately starts running to reach the duo in case help is required.

Seconds later, the woman and her son are seen slipping on the platform and falling down. But the RPF officer reaches the spot and manages to pull them away from the train. Other people are also seen rushing towards them.

"Service & Seva Bhav! The alertness & swift action taken by RPF staff at Bankura Station, West Bengal saved the lives of an elderly woman & her son who slipped while boarding the moving train. Passengers are requested not to board or alight a moving train," the railways ministry said in its tweet.