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Video: The moment when Kerala’s famous snake catcher Vava Suresh was bitten by a deadly Cobra

Screengrab from the viral video.

Snake handler Vava Suresh managed to capture a cobra even after being bit by the snake in the Kottayam district of Kerala. Suresh’s dangerous attempt to catch the cobra has been widely circulated on social media.

The famous snake catcher had to be admitted to the ICU in hospital because of the Cobra bite but is now better. 

The video captures the moment when he was bitten. After two or three attempts, Suresh on January 31 caught the reptile but it bit him near his right knee. The fearless man pulled off the cobra from his body and as he tried to take a look at the bite he had to let the snake go for a while.

People gathered in the area panicked as the snake tried to slither away but Suresh captured it once again. As he put the snake inside a bag, he was seen trying to release the venom from his wound in the video.