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Video: Brave Delhi cop grapples with armed thief who stabs him multiple times as crowd watches

Screengrab from the video

A brave Delhi police assistant sub-inspector is seen grappling with an gold-chainer snatcher who is armed with a knife and stabs him multiple times in the Mayapuri area of the national capital.

ASI Shambhu Dayal was taking the thief to the local police station after he snatched a gold-chain but on the way the culprit suddenly whipped out a knife and stabbed the policeman. The injured ASI grapples with the chain snatcher and brings him down twice, but in the meantime has been stabbed multiple times.

The video also shows a crowd of 20-odd people looks on as mere spectators and no one steps in to help the beleaguered policeman overpower the thief who flees from the spot.

ASI Shambhu Dayal later succumbed to his injuries. The incident took place on January 4.

Gold-chain snatching incidents are on the rise in Delhi and the police are of the view that the existing laws under which these culprits get easy bail is hampering efforts to curb the menace.