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Varun Gandhi rejects Oxford University invitation to speak at debate, says it’s not in India’s interest

Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi

Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi has rejected an invitation from Oxford University to participate in a debate on the performance of the Narendra Modi government on the ground :that he considers subjecting India’s choices and challenges to international scrutiny as  “a dishonourable act” and not in India’s interest.

Varun Gandhi’s statement comes at a time when his cousin, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, is facing the wrath of the ruling party MPs who want him to apologise for his comments in the UK about “India’s democracy facing a threat.”

BJP leader Varun Gandhi today tweeted: “I have declined the invitation for a debate at the Oxford Union. India’s polity regularly offers us a space to critique & provide constructive suggestions to improve our policies.”

“Subjecting India’s choices & challenges to international scrutiny, for me, is a dishonourable act,” he added along with a newspaper article on his decision to turn down the Oxford invitation.

He pointed out in his response to the Oxford University invitation that he believed the topic for the debate: This House Believes Modi’s India is on the Right Path,   “was one with a predefined conclusion. “

“I see no merit or integrity in vocalising internal challenges in an international forum, he added.

Varun Gandhi also stated in the response that citizens like him could discuss topics related to government policies with ease in India in the public square as well as the august Parliament of the country. Raising them outside the country would be “inimical to India’s interest and a dishonourable act .”