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Slain Afghan President Najibullah’s daughter urges global campaign against Pakistan

Heela Najibullah, daughter of slain Afghan President Najibullah has appealed for global campaign against Pakistan

Heela Najibullah, daughter of fallen former Afghan President  Mohammad Najibullah has urged the world community to stop supporting Pakistan–the epicentre of global Jihad. “Why did Pakistan welcome these Taliban and send their leaders to negotiate with the United States, Russia or China?” asks  Najibullah.

Her contempt for Pakistan is evident. Najibullah blames Pakistan’s involvement in the killing of her father. She was 10-year-old when her father became the president of Afghanistan in 1987. After five years Heela Najibullah, her  mother and two younger sisters had to come to India when the civil war started in Afghanistan. Four year later, when the Taliban captured Kabul, her father and brother  were dragged out of the UN campus. They were brutally tortured and killed by the Taliban. While Heela’s mother and sisters were in India, she went to Switzerland, where she is now a researcher and an expert on security and conflict resolution.

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“My father had proposed an international conference on Afghanistan so that regional and global stakeholders could work together and put aside their differences. He wanted Afghanistan to be a neutral country that can live in peace with its neighbours. His government's National Reconciliation policy was comprehensive and inclusive,” she said in a rally to protest against Taliban’s return to power.

“International communities please join us in ending human carnage and four decades of suffering instead of turning off your heads and letting one person in White House feel zero responsibility,” she said,  lashing out at US President Joe Biden. 

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“For the past two decades, Pakistan has harboured al-Qaida and Taliban members, but the US did not change its position toward Pakistan. It did not address the root cause of the war on terror. Has the war on terror ended? If it has ended, then why are the Taliban still on the UN terrorist list?”