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Schools built with India’s financial assistance inaugurated in Nepal’s Dang district

Schools built with India's Financial assistance inaugurates in Nepal (Photo: ANI)

Two schools in Nepal, constructed with the Indian government’s financial assistance under ‘Nepal-India Development Cooperation’, were inaugurated in the presence of government officials, embassy officials, and political representatives.

The School building of Shree Bal Janata Secondary School at Lamahi Municipality, Dang, was built under the Indian government’s financial aid at the cost of NRs.17.60 million, according to the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.

The inauguration was done jointly by Ratna Bahadur Khatri, Social Development Minister of Lumbini Province, Nityananda Sharma, Chief, of District Coordination Committee, Jogaraj Chaudhary, Mayor, Lamahi Municipality and Avinash Kumar Singh, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Kathmandu.

Moreover, the school Building of Shree Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School at Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City, Dang, was also built with the Indian government’s financial assistance at the tendered cost of NRs. 28.70 million.

“Political representatives, government officials, social workers, representatives of the school management, teachers, parents and students were also present on this occasion,” the embassy stated.

The Indian government’s grant under ‘Nepal-India Development Cooperation’, was utilized to construct double double-storied school building, laboratories, provisioning of lab equipment, furniture and other facilities at Shree Bal Janata Secondary School at Lamahi Municipality.

Also, the grant was utilised for the construction of a double-storied school building with other facilities at Shree Padmodaya Public Secondary School at Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City, Dang.

“These projects were taken up as a High Impact Community Development Project (HICDP), under an Agreement between the Government of India and the Government of Nepal on High Impact Community Development Projects,” the embassy said.

The projects were implemented through the District Coordination Committee, Dang.

Minister of Lumbini Province, Chief DCC, Mayor of Sub Metropolitan City and Mayor of Lamahi Municipality, Dang in their remarks appreciated the continued developmental support of the Indian government in priority sectors.

“The set-up created would be useful in providing better education facilities to students of Shree Bal Janata Secondary School and Shree Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School in Dang, Nepal and would create an improved environment for learning as well as contribute to the development of the education in this region,” the statement added.

Since 2003, the Indian government has taken up over 551 HICDPs in Nepal in various sectors and has completed 490 projects.

Amongst these, 61 projects are in Lumbini Province in various sectors, which include six projects in Dang.

Additionally, India has gifted 1009 ambulances and 300 school buses to various hospitals, health posts and educational institutions in Nepal.

Amongst these, 164 ambulances and 43 school buses have been gifted in Lumbini Province, including 19 ambulances and 5 school buses provided in Dang District.

As close neighbours, India and Nepal share wide-ranging and multi-sectoral cooperation.

“The implementation of HICDPs reflects the continued support of the Government of India in bolstering the efforts of the Government of Nepal in upliftment of its people, augmenting infrastructure in the field of priority sector, especially in the education sector in Nepal,” the embassy said in its release.