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Protester in PoJK decries prison torture, laments non-implementation of provisions despite government’s promises

Fahab Hameed Kiyani, resident of Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (Photo: ANI)

Fahab Hameed Kiyani, a resident of Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who was arrested during protests in May while demanding subsided wheat flour and electricity, has decried torture in jail and lamented that demands have not been fulfilled so far despite promises.

Kiyani said that there was no such FIR filed against them (protesters), however, they were kept in closed rooms and were not allowed to meet anyone.

“For six days, we were tortured. We were kept in closed rooms, and were not allowed to move around and meet anyone (inside the prison). We did no crime, there was no FIR against us. Until now our issues have not been resolved,” he said.

Kiyani added that they were arrested for alleged murder of the police official killed during clashes.

“A lot of activists have not been released yet, who have been framed under bogus charges. They are in jail under section 302 for alleged murder of the police official killed in clashes. But in fact, the police have mentioned in the FIR that they were arrested half an hour before the death of the police personnel,” Fahad Hameed Kiyani said.

Kiyani criticised the government’s stance, noting that they haven’t delivered on promises of subsidized flour and free electricity.

He said, “The establishment is adamant. It has not given the provisions of subsidized flour and free electricity. In fact, instead of our right to free electricity, they have not even given us the subsidy of Rs 3-5 per unit which they promised.”

The activist highlighted a resurgence of dissatisfaction regarding their demands.

The locals in PoJK said that they are fed up of Pakistan government and the stooge authorities in the region, which only fill their treasuries through heavy taxes, while they continue to suffer for even basic amenities.

During the massive demonstrations in May, three protesters and one security official were also killed in clashes.

An alliance of civil rights group called off the protests following several days of turmoil as Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif approved a grant of 24 billion rupees to help meet most of their demands.

Activists, however, have now raised concern over inaction to provide subsidies and any sort of relief.