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Police find clues that link Mangaluru explosion to Coimbatore terror blast

Screengrab from the video

Investigations being carried out by the Karnataka police into the autorickshaw explosion caused by an improvised pressure cooker bomb that took place in Mangaluru on Saturday have revealed several similarities to the Coimbatore cylinder blast on October 23 carried out by a terror group.

The police are of the view that the low-intensity explosion was intended to create panic in Mangaluru and the passenger in the autorickshaw is the main suspect. The driver and the passenger suffered injuries after the blast in the moving vehicle.

Investigating agencies found a burnt pressure cooker laden with explosive material, along with parts of a gas burner, in the autorickshaw. The cooker also had a set of burnt batteries attached to it, which the investigators suspect could have been a timer or ignition device.

Police sources said that the explosive material recovered from the site that points towards the possibility of the same terror group being involved in both Coimbatore and Mangaluru blasts.