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PoJK, PoGB diaspora organises protest outside Pakistan consulate, demands release of arrested activists

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The diaspora belonging to Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) and Pakistan-occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) living overseas on Wednesday staged a protest outside the consulate of Pakistan in England.

The protest was organized, demanding the immediate release of the social activists and leaders arrested by the law enforcement agencies of PoGB and PoJK.

A local member of England’s POJK and POGB diaspora during the protest stated, “We have been sitting on a protest here for the rights of our brethren back home. Activists and local leaders of POGB and POJK have been arrested by law enforcement agencies and have been put in Mirpur Jail.

“We demand that these activists be released effectively immediately. Our people have been peacefully demanding their rights inflicting brutalities upon us. We have lost some of our people during these protests, those people were innocent. We demand that the people responsible for these atrocities be brought to justice.” he added.

While raising the issue of severe power cuts in the PoJK and PoGB, the same protestor mentioned that huge amounts of electricity are produced by the use of resources available in that area.

He further added, “We are not begging, but we are demanding what belongs to us and our people. And, while suppressing our peaceful protests the law enforcers are killing and brutally injuring our people back home. The culprits of these heinous crimes must be arrested and brought to justice, as we are not savages we are peaceful people and we are demanding our rights to the government. However, we are not ready to bow down before the oppressor. And we will not back down until we don’t get our rights.”

Another protestor highlighted the atrocities inflicted on residents of PoGB and PoJK within Pakistan. He said that “for at least a year, our people have been brutally tortured within Pakistan. It is quite noticeable that our people are being brutally beaten up in Pakistan, based upon mere accusations and rumours. We believe that at least 100 such people belong to the PoGB and PoJK. This is now an alarming situation that our brethren are being tortured everywhere be it Pakistan or POJK and PoGB.