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PoJK: People block Neelam Valley Road to demand immediate shifting of high-tension line tower on hilltop

People block Neelam Valley Road in PoJK (Photo: ANI)

Several protestors blocked the Neelam Valley Road at Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir on Thursday. They demanded the immediate shifting of a high-tension line tower on a hilltop, as it could potentially result in a landslide which could cause huge accidents in the area.

The protestors called poor construction and neglect of the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (PWPDA) the real reason for the serious condition.

Zahir Bukhari, a local leader from PoJK, stated that the minord landslides from the hilltop have been occurring for at past two years, and the administration has been ignorant of the issue.

He said, “This serious condition of this hill is because of the poor cutting of the hill. There are at least 50 houses on the other side of this high-tension line which are in danger, and the Neelam Valley Road is a lifeline of the city’s traffic. So, this situation can anytime turn into a major accident for the people.”

Bukhari said that they have been complaining to the local administration for at least two years. He noted that the former Deputy Commissioner along with him had visited the site for an inspection. However, the condition has not yet improved.

Zahir Bukhari said, “For at least 2 years we have been complaining to the local administration. The previous Deputy Commissioner along with me had come to this very location for an inspection and still, there is no result. Even during the inspection of the DC mini landslides were taking place.”

“And now the condition is so bad that it can grow into a life-threatening accident. It is high time that the local administration takes serious action on the matter, but no one is listening to our complaints,” he added.

Another local resident said that they have raised the matter several times. However, he noted that the administration has not taken any action.

Another local said, “This is not the first time, that we have raised this serious matter. We have taken both the legal way of filing applications and requests and we have organized protests on the streets. But no actions have been taken by the administration.”

“We have raised this complaint to the senior authorities sitting in Peshawar, but no one has even bothered to come and take note of our problems leaving aside solving them,” he added.