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PM Modi sounds bugle for Himachal poll 

A file photo of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur with PM Narendra Modi

Sounding the poll bugle in Himachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the country had suffered in the past due to unstable coalition governments at the Centre and also in the states.

Addressing a massive youth rally here via video, the Prime Minister pointed out that the governments were unstable because they did not have a majority and were formed mostly through coalitions. The people did not trust the governments, and the world also looked at India with a lot of mistrust, he added.

“But, after 2014 and 2019, things have changed drastically. It’s all due to much awakened citizens, particularly the youth, that the uncertainties among incumbent governments have ended,” he explained.

“India’s credibility in the world has increased. This is a significant turn because the whole world is now looking up to India. They are reposing trust in us and also want to connect with India. All credits goes to awakened citizens and youths” Modi said in his address to the Yuva Sankalp Rally.

PM Modi was scheduled to reach Mandi today for one of his three rallies planned before the announcement of the state assembly elections but due to heavy rains and bad weather he was forced to cancel the visit.

However, he said that he will be keenly waiting to make up for the loss.  “Inclement weather or other topographical barriers can’t keep me away from my second home—Himachal Pradesh,” he remarked.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the trend of replacing state governments every five years has now been rejected by the voters. They want a stable government, an honest and trustworthy leadership which only the BJP can provide, he added.

“Remember what has happened in UP and Uttarakhand. The voters bucked the old trend of alternating governments and re-elected the incumbent BJP governments. I am happy the voters have now made-up their mind to maintain the same trend because they want stability in policies and work culture of the governments,” he declared

“The youth of Himachal know that the BJP is the only party that can develop Himachal Pradesh with a clear and honest intention,” PM Modi said

The Prime Minister declared that Himachal Pradesh will be developed as the pharma hub of the country as one of three bulk drug parks, aimed to reduce India’s dependence on foreign countries, has been sanctioned for the state.

The funding for the National Highway project has also been increased seven times to Rs 14000 crore from a mere Rs 2000 crore eight years ago. This is going to give a big boost to the tourism sector which is the backbone of the state’s economy and employment generation.

He complimented the state for attaining number one rank in India in its vaccination drive against Covid-19. The state stands a big opportunity to get a boost to tourism, which has suffered during the pandemic, he added.

PM Modi also struck an emotional chord with the state referring to traditional handloom products of the region such as Chamba Rumal, Chamba chappal and Lahuali socks. He said whenever he meets foreign dignitaries, he always gifts these items to them so that these products get their place in the world.

“Whenever I visit abroad, I give Himachal products. So that I can tell them how I am related to Himachal,” the Prime Minister remarked.

He spoke highly of the youths from Himachal Pradesh adding that be it sports or art, the enthusiasm and skills of the youth of Himachal Pradesh are benefitting the nation. It is the priority of the BJP to encourage the youth,” PM Modi added.

Two weeks ago, the government also approved the Constitution amendment Bill to grant tribal status to the Hatti community. The move is expected to boost the ruling party’s chances in the coming Assembly elections as the Hattis form an electorally influential community in Himachal Pradesh.

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