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PM Modi signals India’s readiness to set the global agenda in partnership with  developing countries

PM Modi exhorts the global south to exercise collective global leadership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signalled India’s readiness to work together with the developing countries to set the global agenda in the post-Covid era.

“Most advanced economies were slowing down. In the 21st century global growth has come from the countries of the global south. We need to work together to set the global agenda,” the Prime Minister said during his remarks at the Voice of Global South Summit.

The Prime Minister stressed that Global South had the opportunity of exercising international leadership as the old global system has ruptured after the onslaught or recent pandemic and wars. “War, conflict, terrorism and geo-political tensions: Rising food, fertilizer and fuel prices; Climate-Change driven natural disasters, and lasting economic impact of the COVID pandemic. It is clear the world is in a state of crisis. It is difficult to predict how long this state of instability will last,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi pointed out that after assuming the G-20 Presidency, India was ready to work with the Global South to strive for a “new world order”.

“As India begins its G20 Presidency this year, it is natural that our aim is to amplify the Voice of the Global South… People of Global South should no longer be excluded from the fruits of development. Together we must attempt to redesign global political and financial governance.  This can remove inequities, enlarge opportunities, support growth and spread progress and prosperity.” He added that India has always stood for greater role of developing countries in determining our common future, citing that without discrimination, New Delhi had supplied medicines and vaccines to over 100 countries during the pandemic.

During his address the Prime Minister pointed out that the mantra of ‘Respond, Recognize, Respect and Reform’ will show the pathway to re-energise the world.

“Recognize that the principle of ‘Common but Differentiated Responsibilities’ applies to all global challenges. Respect the sovereignty of all nations, rule of law and peaceful resolution of differences and disputes; and Reform international institutions, including the United Nations, to make them more relevant,” he observed. “As far as India is concerned, your Voice is India’s Voice. Your Priorities are India’s Priorities,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi pointed out that despite the challenges that lay ahead, he was optimistic about the future of the Global South.  “The need of the hour is to identify simple, scalable and sustainable solutions that can transform our societies and economies. With such an approach, we shall overcome the difficult challenges- whether it is poverty, universal healthcare or building human capacities.” He added that in discussing 8 priority areas the Voice of Global South Summit will produce new and creative ideas which can form the basis of our Voice in the G-20 and other forums.