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PM Modi airs five big ideas during day one of Bali G-20 visit

PM Modi warmly meets French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines in Bali (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@narendramodi)

During a busy day-1 of the G-20 summit in Bali, which included meeting with several world leaders and heads of multilateral organisations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi aired at least five big ideas that can steer humanity in a positive direction.

  • Peace is essential for the well-being of our planet: Evoking the horrors of World War II, PM Modi cited the urgency of ending the Ukraine conflict to spotlight that peace and humanity’s survival are inseparable. “I have repeatedly said that we have to find a way to return to the path of ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine. Over the past century, the Second World War wreaked havoc in the world.”

  • International governance system is outdated, needs urgent reform: PM Modi specifically slammed the United Nations in its present form for failing to help the Global South during the Covid pandemic and after the Ukraine conflict disrupted food and energy supply chains.
  • India’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy is good for the world: PM Modi implicitly rejected western criticism about Indian purchases of Russian energy following the Ukraine conflict. “India’s energy-security is also important for global growth, as it is the world’s fastest growing economy. We must not promote any restrictions on the supply of energy and stability in the energy market should be ensured, “the Prime Minister said.

  • Rediscovery to indigenous foods such as millets can help end global hunger: “In India, for sustainable food security, we are promoting natural farming, and re-popularising nutritious and traditional foodgrains like millets. Millets can also solve global malnutrition and hunger. “He also proposed enthusiastic celebrations of the International Year of Millets next year.
  • India and Indonesia must view each other as ancient maritime neighbours and revive their relationship: Referring to India’s geo-cultural ties with Indonesia, the Prime Minister made a special reference to the Bali Yatra that takes place in the Indian city of Cuttack in Odisha.

“As I speak to you in Bali and we sing songs of Indonesian traditions, 1500 km away from here in India’s Cuttack, Bali Yatra Mahotsav is going on – Bali Jatra. This Mahotsav celebrates thousands of years old India-Indonesia trade relations,” said PM Modi.

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