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New Parliament building reflects dreams of 1.4 billion people, says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the new Parliament building in a historic move to mark the rise of a new self-reliant India.

“In the development journey of every country, some moments come which become immortal, 28th May is such a day,” Prime Minister Modi said in his first address in the new Parliament.

“More than just a building, the New Parliament reflects the aspirations and dreams of 1.4 billion people. It sends a powerful message to the world about India’s unwavering determination,” PM Modi said.

“The new Parliament building will be a testament to the dawn of Aatmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India). It will be a witness to our journey towards a Viksit Bharat (developed India),” he explained.

As India surges ahead, the new Parliament building will also contribute to the world’s progress, he added.

Explaining the importance of the historic sceptre ‘sengol’ that he installed in the new Lok Sabha chamber today, PM said it was seen as a symbol of service and nationalism in the Chola empire. The Sengol also marked the transfer of power from the British to the Indian leadership in 1947.

“This sengol is a symbol of the transfer of power. Adeenam saints blessed us in Parliament. I thank them. It’s our good fortune that we could restore the glory of this holy ‘sengol’. This ‘sengol’ will keep inspiring us,” he said.

“Our democracy is our inspiration, our constitution is our resolve. The best representative of this inspiration, this resolution, is our parliament,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi said the construction of the new Parliament building gave employment to 60,000 workers, and a digital gallery dedicated to them has also been built.

The new parliament building is a perfect example of the co-existence of the old and new, he remarked.

“In future, when the number of MPs increases, where would they sit? Therefore, the new Parliament building was the need of the hour,” the Prime Minister explained.

After dedicating the new Parliament building to the country earlier this morning following a ceremony that saw a multi-faith prayer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi this afternoon walked into the new building amid chants of “Modi” “Modi” and a standing ovation for the second phase of the inauguration ceremony.

The new Parliament building is designed to enable 888 members to sit in the Lok Sabha. In the present building of the Parliament, there is a provision for the sitting of 543 Members in the Lok Sabha and 250 in the Rajya Sabha.

Keeping in view the future requirements, arrangements have been made for a meeting of 888 members in the Lok Sabha and 384 members in the Rajya Sabha in the newly constructed building of the Parliament. The joint session of both Houses will be held in the Lok Sabha Chamber.