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Mumbai police get threat of 26/11 style terror attack from Pakistani number

A call from a number in Pakistan has threatened Mumbai Police of 26/11 style terror attack

The threat of a terrorist attack in Mumbai, received by the local police in a WhatsApp message sent from a mobile phone number in Pakistan has triggered an alarm in India’s commercial capital.

The message sent to the Traffic Control department of Mumbai Police warns of a "26/11-like" terror attack on the city, Mumbai Police revealed today.

"Mumbai Police's Crime Branch is investigating the matter and a case has been filed at Worli Police Station," said Vivek Phansalkar, the Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

Other security agencies have also been informed about it. Mr Phansalkar further said: "Initial investigations have revealed that the message came from a number in Pakistan. We have also received information about some phone numbers in India. I can assure all Mumbai residents that the matter is being taken seriously and we will get to the bottom of the case."  

The sender warned that the attack would be executed soon in Mumbai city to revive the memories of the 26/11 terror attacks in 2008.