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Modi charms world leaders at G-20 with traditional handicrafts of Himachal, Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the G20 meet at Bali (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@@narendramodi)

Shimla: Prime Minister Narendra Modi carries his own charm when he travels the world. It’s not alone what he walks the talk, wears but also how he promotes the ancient Indian culture, traditional handicrafts and art forms.

“You remember, when I was in Israel, I was wearing Himachali cap ?” he asked the crowd at an election rally in Solan during just concluded assembly elections.

“ Abb Modi ji Israel mein Himachali top kyun phenegi. Kahan Himachal, kahan Israel. Lekin yeh apka saneh aur pyar hai kyunki mujhe bhi yahan ke khoob uphaar milte hai”

( Just try to understand why I was wearing Himachali cap. Israel is such a far off place. But this is your love and affection because you also charm me with such gifts)

On Wednesday Modi found yet another opportunity to hard sell traditional handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat at 17th G20 Summit at Bali, presenting  world leaders with gifts from the home land.

As per reports, Prime Minister presented US president Joe Biden with a Kangra miniature painting from Himachal.

Kangra Painting Biden
Kangra miniature painting

The Kangra school of painting has unique intricate designs and colours to depict Indian mythology. The painting which Modi depicted blends romantic love with bhakti mysticism.

Kanal Brass sets
Kanal brass set from Himachal’s Mandi and Kullu districts

To Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, he presented a Kanal brass set from Himachal’s Mandi and Kullu districts; the gift included traditional musical instruments.

Prime Minister had travelled Mandi and Kullu only recently. He attended historic Kullu Dussehra: First time any Prime Minister participating in 17th century old festival.

Patan Patola
Patan Patola dupatta

He gave Italy’s  Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni a scarf – a Patan Patola dupatta – handwoven by the Salvi family from northern Gujarat.

The scarf was made with a technique called ‘double ikat’ that gives it a multi-colour look; clothes using the ‘double ikat’ technique are traditionally only made in two countries apart from India – Japan and Indonesia.

Gujarat is Modi’s home state and set to witness elections to the assembly on December 1 and 5. Voting in HImachal Pradesh has just been over on November 12 for 68 assembly seats– the results of which will be declared on December 8 along with Gujarat.

Mata ni Pachedi
Mata ni Pachedi

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was presented with a ‘Mata ni Pachedi’ artifact that is a form of textile art produced by the Vaghari community of Gujarat.

Agate bowl
Agate bowl from Gujarat

France’s Emmanuel Macron was given an agate bowl from Gujarat’s Kutch.

Pithora, a piece of ritualistic tribal folk art

Prime Minister of Australian Anthony Albanese was given a piece of ritualistic tribal folk art called ‘pithora’ that was created by Rathwa artisans from Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat.

The art said to be similar to Aboriginal dot painting by Australia’s indigenous communities.

Earlier in April 2022 when Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba came to India, Modi had presented him an exquisite miniature painting of the traditional “pahari school” from Himachal Pradesh.

The painting showed Radha and Krishna, under a canopy of thundering monsoon clouds, engaged in a loving conversation with their graceful glances, while gently holding hands.

The intricately rendered painting is set in a beautiful landscape of lush flora and folk hutments, depicting the tranquil beauty of Himachal Pradesh, particularly from the 17th century to the 19th century.

In Mandi during his visit, Prime Minister was presented a seven feet and 35 Kg ‘Trishul’  –a symbol of Lord Shiva.Mandi is also known as “Chhoti Kashi’ –a town with 80 ancient stone-built temples.

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