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Losing ground, Khalistani tries to rope in other groups, Indian security agencies firm to dismantle them

Many claim that Khalistanis are getting active support outside India

While the Canadian PM justifies Khalistani extremism on his soil in the name of freedom of speech and expression the benefit group of the same is now extending to other anti-national activities. With Khalistanis getting visible patronage against India, other groups too are now queuing up for the same.

Lien Gangte, the Canada chapter chief of the North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA) not just delivered a ‘controversial ‘speech over the ethnic violence but also asked Canada for ‘all possible help’.

Interestingly this event was held in the Surrey Gurudwara led by now slain Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Nijjar was shot by unidentified assailants here only. Gangte in his address condemned what he called “attacks on minorities in India” and asked Canada to intervene.

NAMTA had posted a video of the event on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) on August 7. It deleted the videos much later when the row between India and Canada surfaced following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim last week that “Indian government agents” were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar. After the address NAMTA members and supporters of the Khalistani terrorist Nijjar also reportedly sat for a meeting.

This development got Intelligence agencies on its toes as Khalistanis have now lost all ground and are trying to get other groups on board and continue their anti-India activities.

The agencies are keeping a close watch on these groups and suspect that Khalistanis would not just fund them but also mediate a support from Trudeau.

“Khalistanis have so far been a failure. Even with Trudeau’s support and false allegations, they have failed to harm India Internationally or arm twist us. They are now looking for numbers and thus trying to trap small groups. They are being promised funding, International stage to voice anti India sentiments and an unquestioned support from vote bank driven Trudeau government. We have many such groups on radar and closely monitoring them,” said a senior Intelligence official.

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