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Jeep of brave Indian Forest Service officer beheaded by Veerappan restored as a memorial in Karnataka

The jeep of Indian Forest Officer P. Srinivas who was beheaded by Veerappan has been restored and placed as a memorial for him

Having laid down his life in the line of duty, Indian Forest Service officer, P. Srinivas deserved a great memorial. This is what the Karnataka Forest Department has done for him by giving him a novel and rare tribute – restoring his jeep in running condition and converting it as a souvenir.

The jeep – the martyred IFS personnel’s official vehicle has been kept at the Kollegal Forest Department office. Here a museum also has been set up which houses letters, documents, photographs and write-ups of Srinivas.

Talking to the media, V. Yedukondalu, Director, MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuary remarked: “This is the first such tribute to a martyred forest officer anywhere in India. We thought this was the best way to honour Srinivas, who was a Keerthi Chakra recipient in 1992. His jeep was lying abandoned at the Karnataka range forest office in Palar, bordering Tamil Nadu. We spent Rs 1.1 lakh to repair it and to restore it into running condition. We then put it up as a souvenir.”

Born on September 12, 1954 Srinivas was beheaded by Veerappan, the notorious forest brigand on November 10, 1991. The restored jeep and the museum mark the 31st anniversary of this brave officer.

Srinivas who was the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Chamarajanagar was also the assistant commander in the Special Task Force, formed to capture Veerappan. He had gained the confidence of Veerappan’s brother Arjuna to make the notorious brigand surrender. Little did he know that he had been betrayed by Arjuna who asked him to come alone if he wanted Veerappan to surrender.

On receiving this message, Srinivas rode went to Gopinathan and from there on walked to Arakeam where he was captured by Veerappan, and subsequently tortured and beheaded. Sadly, till now his head has not been found.