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Iran: Indian envoy Rudra Gaurav Shresth explores economic opportunities with Iran-India Business Chamber

Indian Ambassador to Iran, Rudra Gaurav Shresth meets with members of the Iran-India Business Chamber (Photo: X@India_in_Iran)

Indian Ambassador to Iran, Rudra Gaurav Shresth, met members of the Iran-India Business Chamber on Friday to discuss opportunities for collaboration between the businesses of the two countries.

The meeting focused on leveraging synergies and complementarities to foster economic growth and development in both nations.

A key highlight of the discussion was the recently signed agreement concerning the Chahbahar Port.

The Chahbahar Port agreement is expected to facilitate smoother trade routes between India, Iran, and other countries in the region, thereby boosting economic activities and creating new avenues for investment.

“Amb. Rudra Gaurav Shresth met with members of Iran-India Business Chamber and spoke about the potential to leverage complementarities in Indian and Iranian businesses. Also highlighted the recently signed agreement on Chahbahar Port & it’s potential to transform the region,” the Embassy of India in Iran said in a post on X.

The Chabahar Port is an India-Iran flagship project that serves as an important transit port for trade with Afghanistan. India has been a key player in the development and operation of Chabahar Port.

India and Iran recently solidified their collaboration by signing a significant long-term agreement to operate the Shahid-Beheshti Port Terminal. This landmark deal, witnessed by ministers from both countries, underscores the strategic importance of the Chabahar port pact. By enhancing regional connectivity, the agreement is poised to streamline trade routes between India, Iran, and Afghanistan, offering an alternative to traditional routes that pass through Pakistan.

The Long-Term Bilateral Contract on Chabahar Port Operation was signed between Indian Ports Global Limited (IPGL) of India and the Port & Maritime Organisation (PMO) of Iran, enabling the operation of Shahid-Behesti in the Chabahar Port Development Project for a period of 10 years.

India and Iran share a millennia-long history of interactions. The contemporary relations between the two countries are marked by high-level exchanges, commercial cooperation, connectivity paradigm and cultural and people-to-people ties.