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Indian Army proposes acquisition of Zorawar tanks for deployment on China border

The Indian Army has inducted a considerable number of T-72 and T-90 tanks in operational areas (Image courtesy: Ministry of Defence)

The Defence Ministry will take up an important Army proposal for the development of light tanks for deployment on the China border at a meeting scheduled to be held later this week.

The high-level meeting of the Defence Ministry will discuss the proposal for buying 354 of these tanks under Make in India, government sources told ANI. The Indian Army has issued specifications for its future light tank which has been named ‘Zorawar’.

The tank has been named after the legendary general who led multiple successful victories in Tibet which is now controlled by the Chinese Army.

Army officials said that to overcome the limitations faced by medium battle tanks and equip the Indian Army for all contingencies in High Altitude Area (HAA), marginal terrain and island territories besides its utilisation in the plains, semi-deserts and deserts, it is now important to induct light tanks.

The Indian Army had to induct a considerable number of T-72 and T-90 tanks in operational areas, gaining tactical surprise over the adversary and thereby forcing the adversary on a back foot.

“However, the tanks were primarily designed for operations in plains and desert terrain having their own limitations when employed in high altitude Areas. They face a similar handicap when employed in marginal terrain of Rann of Kutch,” an official said.