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“Honour to represent Israel in this incredible country”: Israel envoy Naor Gilon as he is set to leave India

Israel's outgoing Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon (Photo: ANI)

Israel’s Embassy in India on Wednesday hosted a farewell dinner to honour the departing diplomats, including Ambassador Naor Gilon, Deputy Chief of Mission Ohad Nakash Kaynar, and Political Counselor Hagar Spiro-Tal.

Speaking on the occasion, Naor Gilon called it an “honour” to represent Israel in India. He stressed that the bond between Israel and India is “unique” and built on shared values and mutual respect. He expressed gratitude for the warm relations and cooperation experienced during his tenure.

Gilon said, “It has been an honour to represent Israel in this incredible country. The bond between Israel and India is unique, built on shared values and mutual respect. I am filled with gratitude for the warmth and friendship extended to us by the people of India.”

“Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and forged an unbreakable bond. I will always cherish the friendships, the warmth, and the profound respect for India’s heritage and its people. A part of our hearts will remain forever in India,” he added.

Deputy Chief of Mission Ohad Nakash Kaynar and Political Counselor Spiro-Tal also spoke about achievements in diplomatic, economic, and cultural exchanges between India and Israel, according to the Israel Embassy in India statement. The diplomats are scheduled to depart from India in August after completion of their respective tenures.

According to the statement, the farewell dinner for Israeli diplomats was attended by embassy friends, including prominent diplomatic community members, Indian government officials, business leaders, and cultural icons.

In a statement, Israel’s Embassy in India stated, “The Embassy of Israel in India remains committed to enhancing the people-to-people and bilateral relations while exploring new avenues of cooperation in technology, agriculture, education, and more. The departing diplomats leave behind a legacy of strengthened ties and a roadmap for continued collaboration.”