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Heroin, cocaine worth Rs 47 crore seized at Mumbai airport

Two persons were arrested at Mumbai international airport on Friday allegedly with heroin and cocaine worth ₹47 crore

Customs officials seized heroin and cocaine worth Rs 47 crore at Mumbai international airport and arrested two persons who were trying to smuggle in the drugs on Friday.

The seizure was carried out in two separate cases. In one case a man arrived on a Kenya Airways flight from Johannesburg in South Africa via Nairobi in Kenya. He had hidden 4.47 kilogram of heroin in 12 folders meant to keep documents. The contraband was valued at Rs 31.29 crore.

In the second case the drug smuggler arrived on an Ethiopian Airlines flight and was caught after a scan of his baggage revealed several buttons placed close to each other on the clothes. This aroused the suspicion of the Customs officials and a thorough search of the bag led to the discovery of 1.596 kilograms of cocaine concealed in the buttons and in false cavities inside handbags, a Customs official said.