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Gutsy Assam girl drags down molester in heroic display of woman power

Bhavna Kashyap confronting the accused molester while the two-wheeler is lying in the roadside drain

While Indian women are doing wonders in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the girls back at home too are not quiet. Take for instance, the woman in Assam’s capital Guwahati, who recently set an example for the eve-teasers and other women, by dragging a molester down along with his scooter into a drain.

The entire incident was posted along with a video of the person being dragged down on her Facebook which went viral with everyone commending her bravery and courage.

Bhavna Kashyap in Guwahati was molested in broad daylight by a man riding a scooter. He came close to her and stopped her and in the guise of asking for directions to Sinaki Path in the city, started groping her. This incident happened in a busy locality and that too in broad daylight. Even though she stopped with the intention of helping, she remained unfazed by his uncalled for action, and showing her presence of mind, caught hold of his scooter and dragged it in the sidewalk open drain. With his vehicle stuck, the man couldn’t escape.

According to Kashyap, the accused person asked for directions while stopping and she told him that she was unaware of the location he was enquiring about. “No sooner these words came out of my mouth than he groped my privates (breasts) in a way that he had a sudden sexual outburst of rage and aggression on my body. For a second, I lost sense of what had just happened,” she how she describes the whole incident.

Kashyap made a brave attempt by holding his scooter, even though he was trying to speed away in order to escape. When the two-wheeler was done, local people gathered around and she told the person, later identified as Madhusana Rajkumar, that it was because of people like him, women were scared to go out.

The incident of her dragging the two-wheeler down was recorded and shared by Kashyap on her Facebook.

In her Facebook post she wrote: “Had I not, this person would elope to be minimised to “just a bad experience” of me and 10s of other women he targeted before or would have, after me. But it would have stained my memory for good and would have resulted into a plethora of consequential events where I would lose trust for people in the civic society.”

In the video, the woman can be seen confronting the accused and forcing him to reveal his name and face before the camera.

Rajkumar, the accused is a resident of Panjabari and was handed over to the police in Guwahati.

The city police later confirmed this incident that happened in Rukmini Nagar locality under Dispur police station. They also assured that the accused has been arrested.