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Guns & telescopic sights seized from passenger at Lucknow airport

Visual of the airguns siezed at Lucknow airport

Customs officials have seized air guns, telescopic sights and arms accessories worth Rs. 20.54 lakh at Lucknow airport which were being smuggled into the country by a passenger who arrived on a flight from Dubai.

The passenger was intercepted while he was walking through the green channel without any declaration to the Customs.

"During the examination of his luggage 10 air guns, telescopic sights mountable on arms and other misc. arms accessories were recovered. During subsequent interrogation, the passenger was found to be not in possession of licit documents," according to an official statement issued by the Customs Department.

The passenger has been arrested and will be produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate (Economic Offences) Lucknow for judicial custody.

Further investigations are underway.

In a similar seizure at the Delhi airport on July 14, the Customs department had arrested an Indian couple who had arrived from Vietnam and seized 45 pistols worth more than Rs 22 lakh from their bags.

According to the Commissioner of Customs, the accused couple admitted that they had smuggled in 25 guns valued at more than Rs 12 lakh on an earlier occasion as well.