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Gujarat’s ‘One Day, One District’ scheme must be replicated across India, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

By Payal Mehta

On day 1 of the BJP national executive meeting in Hyderabad, while states were doing the presentation of the work and achievements, it was the turn of Gujarat to do the same. With Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel down with Covid, the responsibility to talk about the achievements of the party as well as the government rested on the shoulders of BJP state president CR Patil.

He highlighted the achievements of the Gujarat government in implementing several programmes for all strata of society including women, widows, teachers and farmers.

However, what caught everybody's attention was when Patil mentioned the party's initiative through the programme "One Day One District". Sources say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the end of Patil's presentation and said that it was such a good way to connect to people that it has the potential to be  replicated across the country.

It was highlighted that while the page committee was able to connect with people, it was only restricted to those who were page members. However, this ODOD Programme was an opportunity to cover the entire district and reach out to every stratum of society in one go.

Through this programme of ODOD, about 8 to 10 programmes were undertaken in one district. This programme would include holding a rally, holding smaller meetings, intellectual meetings, reaching out to the beneficiaries of the state & Central government schemes as well as one to one meeting to address grievances.

So far, the BJP state unit has carried out this programme in seven districts and soon the programme would be carried out across all the districts in Gujarat. This sort of programme has the potential to be carried out in the entire country is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted in his brief interaction as it helps in detailed organic connection with the public.

During the presentation by the Gujarat state unit, it was also highlighted as to how Gujarat continued with its growth journey both in the organisation as well as the government and the results are for everybody to see.

Gujarat has been in power in the state for the longest period with the saffron party looking forward to seeking a sixth term in office when the state goes into polls by the end of the year.

Gujarat has been the BJP's bastion for the longest with the saffron party looking to seek its sixth term in office when the state goes into polls at the end of the year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the longest-serving Chief Minister of the state from 2001 to 2014.