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Frontier Gandhi’s great granddaughter Yasim Nigar fears Taliban may take back women to medieval age

Yasim Nigar Khan is worried about women in Afghanistan as Taliban has taken over the country

The several thousands of Afghans living in India are seized and worried about what is happening in the country with the Taliban taking over following the departure of United States armed forces. Yasmin Nigar Khan, the great granddaughter of the legendary freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan is no exception.

Like several of our countrymen residing in Kolkata she spent sleepless nights with the Taliban assuming power. Stating that there is panic among the 30 lakh Pakhtoons living in India, she said that she had been receiving frantic calls from them regarding the safety of their families.

Talking to news agency ANI she said: “Taliban cannot be trusted.” She added with sparse news trickling in, the visuals from Afghanistan were indeed disturbing.

Worried that the Taliban will take the Afghan women “back to the medieval ages”, she expects their “liberty, dignity and freedom” to be in danger as their rights will be suspended and sexual crimes will increase.

Khan said: “During the previous Taliban rule, they kidnapped young widows to marry them off to their members. They don’t want girls to study or go to school.”

There have been reports about girls as young as 15 being asked to marry Taliban fighters and also demand for sexual favours from them.

Khan is the President of All India Pakhtoon Jirga E Hind, an organisation her father was sent to look after by Frontier Gandhi. Remembering him, she recalled:  “In 1921, Khan Sahab set up a school for girls. At that time, he had to fight against English men and now seeing the situation of the women in his country, what can I say. Whatever the Taliban promise, these are vague. They are doing it for power.”

Stating that Frontier Khan along with Mahatma Gandhi had opposed Partition she said, “Today’s situation in Afghanistan is completely the result of the atrocities of Pakistan. They want Pastunisthan. So they are creating chaos.”