Fearless Kashmir chemist’s brave daughter says I will not shed tears as that will be a tribute to the terrorists


Srinagar’s popular and fearless chemist Makhan Lal Bindroo who was killed by terrorists

While Kashmir was in a state of shock and grief over the terrorist killing of Srinagar’s popular and fearless chemist `, his brave daughter said she would not shed tears for her father as that would only be a tribute to the gunmen who shot him.  

His daughter Dr Smriddi Bindroo told NDTV she would keep a smile on as her father lived and died like a warrior. "His words were 'I will die with my shoes on'. I am so proud he died with his shoes on.”

“Today my father is no more, still I have a smiling face. Because I know my father was a warrior. He was a winner. He is going like a warrior man... I am not going to shed tears. That will be like a tribute to those gunmen," she told the NDTV correspondent amidst mourning family members and neighbours.

"Let's pay tribute to Makhan Lal Bindroo who was a gem of a human being... a hardworking man. Salute to him...Really salute to him..." she added.

The terrorists gunned down Bindroo at his famous pharmacy, Bindroo Medicate, near Iqbal Park, in the heart of the capital city of Srinagar. A food vendor and a taxi driver were also killed in three attacks in the valley that took place in an hour.

Bindroo lived fearlessly and refused to leave Srinagar like most of the other members of the Kashmiri Pandit community even at the height of militancy in the 1990s.

Smriddi said her father had taught her to live without fear. "Why do we fear anything? They say fearlessness is life. Fear is death...I used to ask my father, 'don't you get afraid?' He said - 'If I live in fear, then I will die every day. If I die, it will only be once'," she quoted her father as saying.

Smriddi also said she wanted to tell her father's killers to channelize their energies on positive aspects.