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Broke Pakistan govt to rent out PM Imran Khan’s official residence to raise funds

Pakistan's PM official residence to rented out to raise funds

The cash-strapped Imran Khan government has decided to rent out the Prime Minister’s official residence in Islamabad in order to raise funds, Saama TV reported on Tuesday.

Imran Khan had earlier said that the building would be converted into a university and education hub, but has dropped the plan and instead decided to rent out the premises for fashion, cultural and educational events. 

The decision was finalized by the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan. Two committees have been constituted to ensure that the “decorum and ‘discipline” of the PM House are maintained during these events, Saama TV said.

Imran Khan had vacated the Prime Minister House in August 2019 and shifted to his posh bungalow at Bani Gala.

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As part of desperate measures to raise finances, earlier in September 2018, PM Imran Khan decided to auction the buffaloes that were housed in the PM’s official residence. The sale of the livestock had fetched 23.02 lacs Pakistani rupees.

He had also auctioned 61 luxury cars that belonged to the PM House which had raked in 20 crore Pakistan rupees for the government’s coffers.

With American funding have dried up and Saudi Arabia also withdrawing its financial assistance to Pakistan, the country has been heavily dependent on China to make the two ends meet. But with mounting allegations of corruption in China’s belt and road initiative and several Chinese engineers being attacked in the country, Pakistan also appears to be facing problems with its “iron brother.”

According to analysts, the Imran Khan government is now running from pillar to post to try and raise funds.