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Bride calls off wedding mid-way into ceremony as groom turns out to be bald!

Bald groom turned away by angry bride in UP.(Photo for representation)

In a bizarre incident, a bride in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao refused to go through the marriage ceremony as she found that the groom was bald just as he was going to sit at the mandap.

He had hidden the fact that he was bald from the bride’s family and had been wearing a wig.

However, on the day of the marriage, the groom before walking into the mandap, felt dizzy and fainted. As he fell to the ground, his wig came off and everyone saw that he was bald.

As soon as the bride learned that the groom was bald, she refused to go ahead with the marriage ceremonies.

Though the family members and relatives tried to convince the bride, she remained firm on her stand. The matter was then taken to the local police station but the bride remained firm.

Subsequently, a panchayat meeting was called and the girl’s family claimed that they had spent Rs 5.66 lakh for the marriage. The groom’s side agreed to their demands and returned the money to the bride's father.

The groom and the 'baraatis' had to return to Kanpur without the bride.

The bride's uncle said that the groom's family should not have hidden the fact that he was bald. "If they would have told us about the groom’s baldness, we could have mentally prepared the bride and she would not have been shocked. You cannot expect a marriage to start on untruth," he said.

Pariyar police out-post in charge, Ramjeet Yadav, said that even though they tried to convince the bride, she did not agree to the marriage. Later, a compromise was reached between the two parties, the officer said.