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Brave mother fights off ferocious tiger to save infant son in Jabalpur

Both the woman and her son were injured in the tiger attack in Jabalpur, and are now admitted to a hospital.

In an exemplary show of courage, a woman fought off a tiger to save her infant son near the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

The one-and-a-half years old boy was attacked by the tiger when his mother was taking care of their farm in Rohaniya village earlier this week . The woman shielded her child and kept fending off every attack by the tiger.

She kept shouting for help, thus alerting the villagers who then chased the animal away. The child suffered injuries to his head while his mother was injured all over her body.

“We were informed that the tiger was roaming outside the tiger reserve and people were coming to see the beast. But the woman wasn’t aware of the tiger. Both the mother and son were injured in the attack. They were admitted to a government hospital and later shifted to Jabalpur Medical College. Currently, both the mother and child are fine,” Lavit Bharti, manager, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve told news agency ANI.

Bhola Chowdhary, the husband of the injured woman, said. “She took the child to the farm and was not aware that the tiger was hiding there. It attacked her and she was severely injured.”