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Amritpal’s wife intercepted at Amritsar airport amid hunt for the pro-Khalistan absconder

Kirandeep Kaur at Amritar international Airport

Kirandeep Kaur, wife of fugitive Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh was stopped from ‘fleeing’ to London and sent back from Shri Guru Ram Das International Airport, Amritsar today. Kaur who reached Immigration counters around 12:20 was stopped by Immigration officials for being a lookout circular subject and eventually was questioned by Rural Police Amritsar along with other Intelligence agencies. She was then sent back to her native village Jallupur Khera and was advised not to try and leave Amritsar again. Kaur is a UK passport holder who married Amritpal in February this year and is settled in Punjab.

“She was not detained but stopped from fleeing the country as she is required for investigations here. We have nothing more to say,” said SSP Rural Amritsar Satinder Singh while speaking to Indianarrative.com.Though police are tight lipped, sources claimed that questioning continued for almost three hours and her flight to London meant to depart at around 1:30 pm left only at 2:30 PM. She was, according to sources, quizzed about any knowledge of the whereabouts of Amritpal, any attempts of contact by him or knowledge of him being abroad. Kaur was reportedly named in alleged foreign funding for Waris Punjab De and her alleged relations with Babbar Khalsa organisation and was questioned about the same in March this year. She however has no FIR against her so far. The close aides of Kaur in London are approaching UK authorities against her alleged detention though law enforcement agencies have justified it as a legal precautionary measure. The police are currently probing how she managed to plan the trip and secure her tickets.

“All close aides and acquaintances are under scanner and have a look out circular against them. They are well aware that they are not to leave the country or city without informing police. This trip planned by Kaur does raise eyebrows. She was stopped legally and nowhere her rights as a UK citizen have been compromised,” revealed a senior police official.

Kirandeep kaur, an NRI from UK married Amritpal Singh in Feb this year and shifted to his ancestral village. The marriage which took place months after Amritpal took over as the head of Waaris Punjab De was publicized as an example of reverse migration. The intelligence agencies had prior to this claimed that Kaur was allegedly being kept in captivity and subjective to domestic assault by Amritpal Singh. It was claimed that the marriage was aimed at taking his Khalistani agenda forward.