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Present WHO chief has destroyed the institution’s credibility

Present WHO chief has destroyed the institution’s credibility

Will the World Health Organization (WHO) be taken seriously? For its attitude and behavior in the last few months can be described as sloppy at best and dangerous at worst.

First, WHO failed in its duty to warn the world of the threat that the spread of the deadly coronavirus posed. Even in February-end, it said that the outbreak of the disease was not a pandemic. Second, it has been continuously saying that healthy people do not need to wear masks, something that many countries including India, have made it mandatory now.

WHO guidance said that masks should be only for those who are suffering from cold or cough or those who have been infected with Covid-19, beside the healthcare workers. “Those could be WHO observations but in a pandemic-like conditions, it’s always better to have a mask on to protect yourself and others,” a Delhi-based senior doctor said.

The official website of WHO underlines that its core objective is to provide “leadership on matters critical to health and engaging in partnerships where joint action is needed.” However, what is surprising is that it is not willing to accept any of its bloomers; instead it has been brazenly defending itself after US President Donald Trump halted funding WHO.

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In fact, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s Director General, has remained unapologetic and almost washed his hands off and blamed Trump for politicizing global health crisis.

However, what is surprising is that Tedros, who was earlier Ethiopia’s health minister, has been making slanderous remarks against countries which have shown their discontent with the role of WHO. He has underlined the need to show solidarity at this time of crisis but Tedros has not left any stone unturned in playing the victim as and when the spotlight has been directly put on him.

He has even attacked Taiwan and its leaders and said he was been subjected to racial discrimination.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry earlier demanded an apology, saying that without facts the WHO chief has been making false accusations.

What Tedros and his backers must understand is that there needs to be accountability. Questioning one’s role does not necessarily amount to racial discrimination. If he has failed in carrying out his responsibilities, questions will be asked. At any rate, he should not be allowed to politicize the issue. He is playing the victim and China is helping him..