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Maharashtra’s first transgender ward opened in Mumbai hospital

Maharashtra's first separate ward for transgender community was inaugurated by Girish Mahajan, State Minister for Medical Education at Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, Mumbai

Working towards inclusion of transgender community in the mainstream, the Maharashtra Government has started the first dedicated and separate ward for them in the State. Established in Government-affiliated Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital in Dhobi Talao, it was inaugurated over the weekend by Girish Mahajan, the State Medical Education Minister.

The 30-bed facility will have gender neutral examination rooms, toilets and dressing rooms. Apart from this, the ward has two ventilators, monitors, and a semi-ICU room.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahajan said that people of this community who have suffered a lot of discrimination and inequality will now have access to mental and physical treatment facilities. “Transgenders can not only avail treatment for their physical illness but also for their mental well-being. We have already conducted training sessions for our employees to learn about the problems faced by the community and also how to deal with them. They should also have general healthcare-accessible benefits.”

Transgender Ward Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital2
The ward is equipped with ventilators, monitors and has a semi-ICU room

Last year the Uttar Pradesh Government had announced that separate wards would be created in all district hospitals in the State.

Dr. Pallavi Sapale, Dean of Sir JJ hospital of GTH is a part, informed that there was a need for a separate ward for the third gender community because of comfort and safety issues in the male and female wards. “Due to the absence of special wards, they suffer a lot and are confused about where to go for treatment. In separate wards, they can be treated well. Mental health counselling is also available at the ward,” Dr. Sapale said.

Guidance booklets have been issued to the transgender community members while doctors, nurses and staff have been trained on how to treat them with care.

Besides this the State Government-run medical hospitals which have so far two categories mentioned in case papers – male and female – will now have the third category too. This will ensure that separate records for them are available.

The Government intends to open such wards in other hospitals with the next one planned in Pune’s Sassoon Hospital.