Voluntary organisation steps in Chennai to provide mobile wards for Covid-19 patients

The fully-equipped mobile ward launched by the RCC Foundation at a hospital in Chennai to house Covid-19 patients (Pic: Courtesy

Every effort counts in the times of pandemic like the present Covid-19 and there are thousands of local communities and organisations, who have voluntarily come forward to help those in distress. Demonstrating this commitment to support the local communities in the fight against the Coronavirus is the RCC Foundation in Chennai.

RCC Foundation is the philanthropic wing of the Rajasthan Cosmo Club, and has recently rolled out repurposed shipping containers that can be used as mobile medical emergency units. The first of these mobile medical emergency units have already been installed at Chennai’s Kilpauk Medical College.

Mobile ward

Every one of the repurposed shipping containers has capacity to accommodate up to seven beds along with all the necessary supporting medical equipment. What makes it very functional is the fact these wards are easy to transport and erect.

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The containers are built with corrugated metal sheets and can be easily customized to be converted into centres for quarantine and hospital isolation wards. The design of the container is such that they can be erected and located in any convenient spot. Like for example it could be used by hospitals to set up isolation wards in their parking areas. The replication of the design in open space available with the healthcare centre will greatly increase it capacity to admit patients.

In Coronavirus hotspots where either there is no testing centre or clinics or that they are located very far away, these containers can easily double as portable clinics or test centres.

The temporary seven-bed capacity unit was inaugurated on June 9 by P.K. Sekar Babu, Minister of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of Tamil Nadu and Dayanidhi Maran, Member of Parliament. Presiding over the event was M. K. Mohan, MLA of Anna Nagar constituency.

RCC commitment

Reiterating the Foundation’s commitment to help the people of Tamil Nadu and the Government, its president, Sripal Kothari, at the launch function as reported by said: “Rajasthan Cosmo Club stands by the people and the government of Tamil Nadu in these trying times. We will continue our contributions in all possible ways to help the State exit the pandemic faster. Our aim is to provide tangible assistance to meet real needs on the ground. The group leadership at Rajasthan Cosmo Club Foundation is committed to the cause and have rolled out several welfare initiatives and healthcare investments to provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable groups, including children, senior citizens, critically ill patients and persons with disabilities, to ensure that they are protected.”

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Talking about their latest initiative to provide these mobile units, Kothari observed: “In addition to the unit at Kilpauk Medical College, we are hoping to set up at least five more such units across the city in the coming months. We are confident that these Emergency Wards will offer the much-needed respite to not just Chennai residents but also to villages and suburban areas around the city like Kanchipuram. Even though there is a decrease in the demand for beds in Chennai currently as the number of COVID cases have reduced, we want to ensure we are sufficiently prepared for future waves.”

Other social contributions

Sharing details of the other Covid-19 relief efforts on the part of the Foundation, its Managing Trustee, Suresh Gundecha said: “Our Foundation has extended several Covid-19 mitigation efforts from the beginning of the pandemic. With an investment of over Rs. 25 Lakhs we set up RCC Oxygen Bank in association with Khivraj Foundation.”

He added that “More than 100 precious lives have been saved through this initiative that started with 50 concentrators and cylinders to address the acute shortage of medical oxygen. The machine usage was offered free of cost to patients in need.”

Rajasthan Cosmo Club had established a 24×7 Integrated Control Centre in Chennai during the first wave of the Covid and this Centre continues to respond to citizen queries in the wake of the second wave of the pandemic.

Besides this, the Foundation also in association with local municipal bodies spearheaded vaccination drives as well as supply of safety gears like masks for frontline workers. The organisation also helped by setting up quarantine centres and offering free medical assistance to financially deprived patients.

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