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23 AIIMS to be named after freedom fighters or historical events

All the AIIMS in the country, including one in Delhi, will be named after freedom fighters, monuments

In a move to provide distinct and specific names to all the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences in the country, including the one in the Capital, the Government has decided to name them after freedom fighters, regional heroes, monuments or historical events of the area or their geographical identity.

A large number of the total number of 23 Institutes have already submitted to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a list of names. This was done after the Ministry had sought their suggestions for naming these institutions. Apart from three to four names, these Institutes have also sent an explanatory note for their suggestion.

Many of the Institutes which are either operational or are being set up are at present known by their generic name and can be differentiated by their location only.

An official of the Ministry said: “So, the Union health ministry has drafted a proposal to give specific names to all the 23 AIIMS, which include those fully functional, partially operational or under construction.”

The official added: “In this regard, suggestions were sought for assigning specific names to different AIIMS, which could be linked to local or regional heroes of prominence, freedom fighters, distinct geographical identity of the area where the institute is located and prominent historical events or monuments of the region.”