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Kerala milk federation’s Milma On Wheels turns into a money spinner

The Milma On Wheels stationed at KSRTC stand in Thrissur (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Mahi_Euphoria)

Reaching out to consumers through innovative ideas is important to stay ahead in the market. Doing this is Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation’s initiative called “Milma On Wheels”. Milma is the trade name of this Federation.

These buses belong to Kerala State Road Transport Corporation.

Describing these buses as supermarkets on wheels, an official of one of the regional milk unions informed that they act as an advertisement for Milma and its products. The interiors of the vehicles have been changed to showcase varied products of Milma, and everything from milk to value-added products made from milk can be bought there.

The products that are displayed and sold include different types of milk, curd, ghee, butter, cheese, ice creams, sweets like gulab jamun and peda, yoghurt, buttermilk, instant mixes, biscuits, cookies, and idli and dosa batter.

Sharing as to how the idea came about, the official said it was suggested by KSRTC. The cash-strapped State transport corporation put forth this idea to find a use for its buses that had been deemed unfit for the roads. The suggestion was welcomed by the regional unions of KCMMF.

At present three regional cooperative milk producers’ unions, namely from the ones in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Malabar regions have undertaken this project and it has proved very successful. The first one was started in the State Capital.

The cost of refurbishing and redoing the bus which comes to Rs.5 lakhs is borne by the regional unions and they pay a monthly rent of Rs.24,000 to the KSRTC.

The success of this project has made KSRTC offer more buses and also some low-floor AC buses.

Following requests from people, in many buses seating arrangements have been provided to enable visitors to sit and enjoy snacks. Eight people can be accommodated in the bus.