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Japan sets its eyes on AI boom, to create 270,000 new jobs

AI and job opportunities?Ja

Japan is set to focus on creating a conducive environment for the booming Information Technology industry. While the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) engineers has increased globally, Japan too has started looking into this issue. AI industry in Japan is set to expand exponentially.

According to Nikkei Asia report, by 2030, Japan is expected to have 270,000 AI and Internet of Things (IoT) “jobs that it will be unable to fill.” The demand for graduates specialising in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) will increase.

The news organisation said that Japan has a considerable number of IT workers. The country had 1.22 million engineers in 2020. Though this makes it the fourth largest in world, specific IT skillset is what is required.

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The report noted that in 2018 conventional IT workers, those who develop websites and apps, accounted for 90 per cent of all IT workers in Japan. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry data revealed that specialised IT professionals dealing in AI makes up for just 10 per cent of all professionals. 

According to Tokypesque, the scope of AI globally is constantly expanding, as it is used in areas such as security, manufacturing, marketing, healthcare, education, agriculture and infrastructure among others.

It added that Japan’s AI Sector has mainly focused on robotics as sub-domains of artificial intelligence, developing AI especially in the areas of technology for medical and industrial purposes.