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Fresh violence over Covid norms breaks out in world’s biggest iPhone factory in China

Representational picture (Photo: IANS)

Workers at the Foxconn’s iPhone manufacturing factory in central China pulled down barriers and clashed with security personnel over Covid restrictions on Wednesday.

Videos on social media from the industrial city of Zhengzhou showed violence taking place overnight as workers fought with riot police and people in hazmat suits protesting over Covid curbs. Chinese social media platform Weibo and Twitter showed Foxconn workers coming out of dormitories and jostling with guards.

Media reports say the protest started overnight as workers dissatisfied with unpaid wages, poor quality of food and feeling harassed by China’s tough zero tolerance policy towards Covid began to demonstrate.

Hashtag ‘Foxconn riots’ began trending on Weibo but was censored by Wednesday afternoon.

Troubles at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant began in October when social media showed videos of factory workers escaping the factory and running away due to inadequate working conditions.

Continuing problems at the world’s largest iPhone factory have resulted in delayed production, with Apple saying that there would be lesser shipments of the iPhone 14 model.

Beijing’s policy of harsh lockdowns in pursuance of its zero-Covid policy has led to many skirmishes and clashes with law enforcement agencies and health officials as people have been locked up for weeks in their accommodations.