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Young brain-dead woman in Pune passes on life to 5 others including two Army soldiers

The two serving Army soldiers in Command Hospital Southern Command in Pune who received organs donated by a young brain-dead woman

Organ donation by a young brain-dead woman saved the lives of five people including two serving Army soldiers at the Command Hospital in Pune.

"A young lady was brought to Command Hospital (Southern Command), (CHSC) in her last stages of her life after an unfortunate event. On admission, the vital brain signs of life were not present in her. The family was aware of the concept of organ donation after death. After discussion with the transplant coordinator of the hospital, the family desired that the organs of the lady should be donated to patients who are in dire need of them," according to a press statement issued by the Defence PRO.

After the necessary clearances, the transplant team at Command Hospital was immediately activated and the alerts were also sent to the Zonal transplant coordination centre and Army Organ Retrieval and Transplant Authority, the statement explained.

Through the night of July, 14 and the early morning hours of July 15, viable organs such as kidneys were transplanted into two serving soldiers of the Indian Army, the eyes were preserved at the eye bank of Armed forces medical college complex and the liver was given to a patient at Ruby Hall clinic in Pune.

A benevolent gesture of organ donation after death and a well-coordinated effort at the Command Hospital, gave life and eyesight to five severely ill patients. It bolsters the belief that "don't take your organs to heaven, God knows we need them here!"

It also spreads awareness about the invaluable role of organ donation for needy patients under such circumstances, the statement added.