18-year-old artist from Andhra Pradesh uses his tongue to paint beautiful artworks


Surla Vinod, a student creates portraits and paintings by using his tongue instead brush

He is not an ordinary artist since instead of using his fingers, Surla Vinod, uses his tongue as a brush to make amazing and life-like paintings. Vinod, who is 18-years-old, hails from Balighattam village in Andhra Pradesh’s Anakapalli district, uses paper and walls as his canvas.

Since his school days, Vinod was passionate about drawing and very early in life he started to paint in his notebooks in class and on the walls in his house. Not just his family but also people of his village encouraged him to paint but Vinod wanted to do something different.

Thus, one day, when he saw an artist on a video on Youtube using his tongue to paint, he decided to use that technique. He set aside his brushes and used his tongue and his approach, style and works started getting appreciation from everyone.

His paintings show a host of public figures including freedom fighters, former President of India, late Abdul Kalam Azad, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaraman,  among others.

Vinod, who is an intermediate student, has won several awards in painting competitions. Among these are the Prathibha award and the Swami Vivekananda Icon Award for the year 2021.

Not satisfied with his present skills, Vinod has been working hard to hone his artistic talent. Talking to the media he said social media platforms are the best way to showcase his paintings to art-lovers from different parts of the world.

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